Stack Pipe Blocked?

A ‘stack’ runs wastewater from higher levels of a property or building to lower levels until eventually, they lead to the external main drain and sewage system.  Anything that runs through your sink, bath, shower or gets flushed down toilets will travel through this internal drain pipe system – deposits of fat, hair, limescale, detergent and non-degradable items are all factors that can cause blockages or blocked stacks and in most cases this will require a high pressure jetting machine to remove the blockage blocked drain London.

Blocks of flats and commercial buildings are highly susceptible to problems with blocked stacks due to the volume of residents and people sharing each stack, therefore as part of our maintenance programme, Drainflo Solutions offer support to commercial agencies and property maintenance companies to carry out stack checks and cleaning either as a one-off commission or a yearly or half-yearly maintenance plan.

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