Blocked Guttering

Every year leaves, moss, lichen, gravel from flat roofs, dead birds, old tennis balls, bird droppings, and what can only be described as “stinky sludge” gets washed off the roof into our gutters, which builds up at an alarming rate and can cause damage to the guttering itself or to your property.

Badly maintained and blocked guttering means excess rainwater has no clear channel to travel into the main drainage system, therefore spills out of the guttering often resulting in damp patches on your exterior walls.  This can not only lead to internal damp problems, the moss and lichen enriched rainwater can also cause some unsightly areas on your brickwork and cause serious damage to fascias, eves, brickwork, pointing, paintwork, sills etc. and is actually the number one cause of damp in basements!

The excess weight of debris and trapped water also puts a additional stress on your guttering which will cause your guttering to sag and spilt.  In fact, a blocked, leaking or sagging gutter is worse than no gutter at all because it overflows and leaks in one place rather than evenly along the roof!

Badly installed gutters can also leave standing water that can be blown onto your property causing damage that can be easily missed until it is too late.

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Many of our customers have been amazed at what we’ve found in their gutters when we have carried out gutter cleaning!