Drain Unblocking

Drainflo Solutions are the No.1 drainage specialists covering London, North London, Essex and Hertfordshire – we can help you with drain unblocking quickly, efficiently all with NO call out charge, so if you need your pipework unblocking you can rely on us to get the job done for you – we pride ourselves on being a reliable and honest drainage service with highly experienced and skilled drainage engineers.

We are here to help with any blockages in your drains and often we can use our trusty rods to do the trick.We call this a standard unblock and if this is enough to sort your problem, we’ll tell you upfront.

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Drain unblocking – for a deeper rooted problem

Our vans are equipped with the latest technology to clear your drain problem. When we need to use this to solve a deeper rooted problem we call it a mechanical unblock.

What causes Blocked Drains?

It is essential that your external drains are kept clean and well maintained as these are the main gateway from sewage water leaving your home and entering the main drainage system.

Here are the most common reasons for a blocked drain:

Fat and grease from cooking – over time, fat and grease build up and lines the main drainage channel pipes causing a reduction in pipe size and therefore a reduced water flow.  Sewage water will build up with nowhere to go other than back into your home or through the external manhole.  Drainflo Solutions can help clear your drains and offers drain unblocking services for London, North London, Enfield, Essex and Hertfordshire.

Wipes and sanitary products – the disposable of baby wipes and sanitary products down the toilet may be a huge factor, especially when the diameter of the pipes are reduced in size from other causes such as fat, grease and limescale build-up.  Drainflo Solutions has specialist mechanical drainage equipment to clear your blocked drain fast.  For blocked drains London, simply call0203 397 2073 | 07719 426415 – We are the first choice drainage company in London for unblocking.

Limescale and silt deposits – anything that comes in contact with water can suffer from limescale problems and this includes your external drainpipes too!  Limescale build-up can narrow the thickness of the drainpipe, which in turn will reduce the amount of water being able to get through.  Severe silt and limescale build-up can line your drain pipes causing a backlog of sewage water and resulting in a blocked drain.  Drainflo Solutions works with specialised high pressure jetting equipment to blast off limescale and keep your drain pipes clear, reducing the risk of blocked drains.  It is advisable to have your drains and pipework checked by a professional drainage engineer every so often to keep your drains in good working order.  Call us today for a no-obligation quote for your drain maintenance and surveys –0203 397 2073 | 07719 426415

Collapsed pipe – if you are experiencing persistently blocked drains, it may be that your external drainpipe is damaged and the displaced pipework may block usual water flow, therefore waste water builds up and blocks your pipework.  Drainflo Solutions is one of the most experienced London based drainage companies covering all areas of London, North London, Essex and Hertfordshire.  Our skilled drainage engineers can detect damage and defects in your drainpipe using high technology drain CCTV equipment, providing you with a complete Drain CCTV Investigation and survey.

Tree roots – trees often decide to take root in external drains which may cause blocked drains and damage to the pipework if left undetected.  Drainflo Solutions can remove any tree roots and complete a survey to ensure no damage has been caused.

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